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The Exemplas PI Practice

Borne out of the University of Hertfordshire-backed Exemplas Group 20 years of experience, we have an inherent understanding of commercial priorities and are results driven with everything we do.

Our unrivalled group gives us access to a range of resources which allows us to design, build and deliver interventions that transform your results. We go to market adopting a consultative approach to explore your business aspiration and challenges. Everything we do is about your organisation, your people and improving your results.

Organisational and Workforce Assessment

Take the guesswork out of determining the root cause of your performance issue. Our diagnostic approaches:

  • deliver independent and impartial insights in easy-to-read reports to inform decision making
  • tell you where to spend your time and budget to improve your results
  • create benchmarks for future comparison, making our development interventions measurable.

Leadership and Management Development

Improve the way your leaders lead and managers manage. Our development programmes:

  • will equip your leaders and managers to implement your business strategy
  • improve competency through delivering development that meets individual learning styles and preferences
  • improve your results by successfully transferring learning back into the workplace.

Talent Management

Anticipate your future workforce requirements and plan for success. Our strategic human resource planning solutions:

  • deliver an action plan following a diagnostic which evaluates your current corporate-wide approach and attitudes towards talent
  • align your business strategy to your human resource plan
  • drive results by ensuring you have the right talent now and in the future.

Creating a customer centric organisation

Ignite and sustain a market leading approach to customers. Our specialist Customer team can work with you to:

  • assess your current approach and deliver data and insights to inform your customer strategy
  • redefine your corporate wide approach to customers
  • determine the appropriate steps to transform your culture

Change Management

Transitioning your organisation and workforce to where it needs to be requires expertise. Our approach:

  • starts with a comprehensive diagnostic and understanding of your current situation and your desired state
  • provides you with a full report, set of recommendations and change strategy map
  • delivers an experienced implementation and project team to secure the results you seek.

Our Clients

A new breed of performance improvement consultancy

Exemplas Performance Improvement (PI) is a consultancy resolutely focused on improving organisational and human performance by using data collected from across your organisation to inform the development of a solution. Global businesses and institutions recognise our inherent talent for exposing untapped business and personnel potential that leads to improved business results and reduced risk.

Borne out of the University of Hertfordshire-backed Exemplas Group, Exemplas Performance Improvement has a proven track record of aligning organisations to achieve business imperatives, drawing on more than 20 years of success in driving improved global business performance.

We have a deep understanding of commercial priorities, with a sharp appreciation of the corporate need to drive results. We innovate continuously and leverage the many resources at our disposal. Together, our expert insights and market-leading solutions ensure we are inimitably placed to diagnose your current situation, and design and deliver robust interventions that are right for your organisation and people.

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